How to Leash Train a Dog

Leash Training
Leash Training a Dog

Finding out everything about leash training a puppy is something that you should do as quickly as the young puppy is old enough.

Here are five steps for leash training that will have your little pet strolling well beside you on his leash in no time.

  • Step 1: Introduce your puppy to his brand-new best friend that will certainly be with him through thick and thin – the collar. Make certain you purchase an appropriate size and design of collar for your dog, your regional pet shop may give you recommendations in this regard. Make sure it is fitted firmly, you need to be able to easily fit two fingers between your young puppy’s neck and the collar. Offer him a few days to obtain made use of to the collar. He probably won’t like it initially and will certainly scratch at it, but after a day approximately, he will probably forget he even has it on.

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Step 2: Now it is time to put the leash on your puppy. In the beginning just let him stroll around the house with it. Ensure it is safe for him and he isn’t really going to go running where the leash will certainly get captured on something. Periodic choice up the leash as your young puppy tackles his activities. Talk with him enthusiastically when the leash is on, he needs to feel that whenever he has it on happy good ideas take place. At first it is great to have him just lead you around the residence, make this an enjoyable time for the both of you together.

Video: Leash Training Your Puppy – By Howdini

Step 3: Put the leash on your dog 2-3 times a day in the house and after that walk around with him on it. Make this time in particular a really enjoyable time with him so he anticipates it. Only do this sort of training for in between 5-10 minutes a day maximum

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Step 4: When your dog is ready, take him outside on the leash. The first couple of times ensure it is somewhere reasonably peaceful, the last thing you require is him being startled by an approaching truck as you both cross a roadway. As he gets more confident, train him in busier places where there are more and more distractions.

  • Step 5: Repeat Step 4 till he has mastered walking with you on a loose leash.


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