How to Train a Dog

How to Train a Dog
How to Train a Dog

If you have a dog or are thinking about getting one, you need to know how to train a dog, here are 5 ways to train a dog. All dog owners are faced with the task of training. The truth is that either you will do it or let someone else do it (or a combination of both)

Understanding Your Dog

No matter what every dog needs training. First you must get an understanding of the canine brain and behavior. Your dog must know his or her place in the family before you can start training. Once the dog knows you are in charge, training a puppy or an older dog will succeed.

Video: Understanding Your Dog – by James Aitken

Connecting Socially

Your dog can connect socially with you and others if he/she is trained properly. You need to utilize a technique that establishes that you are the leader, and he/she must follow commands. Finding a place in the family order honestly makes a happier more well behaved puppy or dog.

Using a Trainer

Using a professional trainer is quite expensive but you will also be advised and trained in the techniques that the trainer uses with your animal. You may consider trying out world leading SPCA approved Online Dog Training.

Dog Training Classes

Another way to train your dog is to go to classes. You can find classes through your vet or the local humane society or even from breeders in your area. This is a cheaper method but also involves practice of all techniques on a regular basis.

Online Dog Training

Online Dog Training
Online Dog Training

Finally, you can access training courses online. There range from puppy/beginner all the way up to expert levels.  Online courses are excellent way to train your dog. You should make sure the course is SPCA approved! You may be interested in looking into of the world’s top rated SPCA approved online dog training programs on a trial basis to train your dog and to make him a wonderful companion and a member of your family.

It is important to note that aggressiveness and other serious or dangerous behavioral issues need professional help. For the most part, average people can train a dog if they use gentle leader/follower training method from the start.

Here are some of the teaching methods used to train dogs:

  1. Crate Training a Puppy
  2. Shock Collar Training
  3. Leash Training a Puppy
  4. Prong Collar Training
  5. Clicker Training For Dogs

1.  Clicker Training Training for Dogs

Clicker Training
Clicker Training

Clicker training for dogs is among the most humane ways to bring out the best behavior in dogs. It is one of the most scientific and efficient dog behavior training as it eliminates all the dog behavior problems that exist with the dog. More…

Video: How to Clicker Train Your Dog – by Zak Ge0rge

2.  Crate Training a Puppy

Crate Training a Puppy
Crate Training a Puppy

You want a crate that’s large enough for your dog to reverse, stand, or lie down in conveniently when he reaches full maturation. There are all many different kinds of crates. Some are made from wire mesh, some are cloth mesh, or there are plastic types that are usually times called airline company crates. More…

3.  Leash Training

Leash Training a Puppy
Leash Training a Puppy

Finding out everything about leash training a puppy is something that you should do as quickly as the young puppy is old enough. Here are five steps for leash training that will have your little pet strolling well beside you on his leash in no time. More…

4.  Prong Collar Training

Prong Collar
Prong Collar

Prong collars are fantastic devices that can transfer all your energy straight to the dog. Their unique design and resilient structure enables an adaptability unlike other training item out there. You can make use of the prong collar for any type of training: obedience, dexterity, hunting, anything! More…

5.  Shock Collar

Shock Collar Training
Shock Collar

To train Your Puppy who has been driving you insane with his attitude problem; he barks at everything, including a doorbell on your favorite Television program, runs after the mailman, bothers the neighbors’ felines and will not permit a visitor to cross the doorstep. You’ve tried everything from training courses to bribery with no enduring impact. If your dog’s bad behavior has you at wits end, you might be considering using a shock collar. More…

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