How to Teach a Dog to Stay
How to Teach a Dog to Stay

Training your dog to stay is one of the most helpful, but difficult command to teach.

Puppies naturally like to be in motion all the time so “stay” is a real challenge, but very important.


Video: How to Teach Your Dog to Stay – No Matter What – by Zak George

To Train a Dog to Stay

You will need:

  • A Dog Collar
  • A Leash
  • Clicker (if you are using this type of training)
  • Treats

Choose a place familiar and free from distractions. Plan on short training sessions to start out. Here we go!

10 Steps on How to Train Your Dog to Stay

  1. Put the leash on your dog.
  2. Use the “Sit” command and reward – “click”
  3. Keep your dog in position and say the “Stay” command with your dog’s name.
  4. Use a hand signal, holding your hand in a “Stop” position.
  5. Slowly back up 1-2 steps.
  6. Use a release command – such as “Okay” and call your dog to you and reward him (saying “Good Stay”).
  7. Repeat
  8. Increase time and distance while always using the hand sign and verbal command. Only do this after he has mastered the “Stay” at a short 1-2 step distance with hand sign, verbal release command and reward, saying “Good Stay”.
  9. Remember “Stay” should only be rewarded if performed. Disregard and don’t reward if he goofs off.
  10. Only train for short sessions. Pups get antsy and bored!

Training your dog to stay, release and to come is very important.

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Video: How to Teach Any Dog the Perfect Stay
(by Training Positive)

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