Teach a Dog to Roll Over
Teach a Dog to Roll Over

If you want to surprise your good friends with a tricks your canine can show, you definitely must know the best ways to teach a dog to roll over! It is among the most incredible and funniest tricks. Besides, it is easy-to-do and your canine will find out to do it in no time!

How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over Easily

What you should start with? Before you starting with training see to it you have a positive attitude. Your energy and interest will make training enjoyable for the dog. You should have a special treat that your dog loves with for the training sessions. You puppy should be well rested and full of enthusiasm. When you and your puppy are ready, start the training session.

    1. Instruct your puppy to sit down. After that command “down” take a treat and place it to the floor in front of your puppy. Your puppy will certainly follow it. You may help the dog to understand the command by pushing him mildly to the floor. After your puppy lies down, don’t forget to commend the dog and give him a treat. Repeat the the session as many times as needed for the your dog to understand and learn the command.
    2. When your dog masters the “down” command and obeys it every time, you may begin to instruct your dog to roll over. Take a treat and hold it behind the dog’ s neck when it lying down. Your dog will want to turn over to get it. Command “roll over”. Gently assist your dog to roll over with your hand if needed. Don’t forget to commend and praise him and give him a treat. Some dogs don’t want to show their tummy. You should to be patient and loving, if you want to succeed in teaching your dog to roll over.

Video: How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over – by AKC

  1. The last step. The best way to teach a dog to roll over is to practice it a lot. Every training must last 5-10 minutes. If you attempt to work longer, your dog will certainly be stressed out and bored. You could repeat your training up to 3 times every day. When your puppy rolls over for a treat every time, start to train him to obey “roll over” command without a treat. But put don’t forget to reward to reward your dog with praise and a treat  after a few successful roll overs.

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How to Make Training More Efficient

Your dog likes you! And your pet prefers to spend time with you! He loves to please you and enjoys his sessions with you. However, there are a couple of pointers you should consider to make the training sessions even more effective:

  • Be positive. If you have a positive state of mind will your dog to learn faster. The puppy will certainly catch on to your enthusiasm and will work harder to please you.
  • Choose the proper treat. It needs to be something your dog loves very much and is does not eat it every day. If your puppy isn’t interested in tricks for food, you might use toys for rewarding your dog.
  • Commend your dog for every success. This will certainly motivate your pup to try even harder.
  • You could select commands by yourself. If you don’t like the command “roll over” you may change it into “roll” or any other word you prefer. But it needs to be brief enough if you want your dog to remember it. And as soon as choose the command, stay with it. Don’t expect your dog to relearn the command to new instruction.
  • Change the location of workouts. Begin to teach your dog a new command in your home, then try to use the command outside. It will certainly help your pet dog to perform the trick regardless of the location and situation.
  • Never scream at the dog during workouts. It will may frighten your pet. Just stay in a positive state of mind your level of  interest will make the process of learning simpler.

It is so easy to teach your dog a brand-new and funny tricks, if you understand various ways to motivate and teach your dog. Your dog will learn not only to roll over but many other tricks by keeping up his motivation, a little persistence and love. This will make his workouts effective and enjoyable.

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