How to Train Your Dog to Come

How to Teach a Dog to Come
How to Teach a Dog to Come

The come command is a very helpful and extremely essential ability as it can get your dog quickly out of a tough or dangerous situations. If your pup will immediately turn away from exactly what it’s doing and return to you, then you have a security system always at your finger-tips. Similar to all training, you should to start in a quiet area with couple of interruptions (probably inside your own house), then increase the diversions as the brand-new routine becomes more familiar to your dog.

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You should have a lot of treats that your dog loves readily available for this training.  It is important to reward your dog RIGHT AWAY as soon as he shows correct response to your commands. if you allow some time to pass by from the time he responded to command to come to rewarding him, he wont remember or know why he is being rewarded.  Anticipate your puppy’s obedience with a treat in your hand readily available, so when he responds, you can immediately reward him. If you repeat this little exercise, he will begin to associate that obedient response to your command was the reason for the treat. When he masters the command, you need to give him his favorite treat immediately and applaud him.

Training – This exercise is best when carried out with 2 people. (If this isn’t really possible, a long training leash can be used, together with the stay command.) Someone must hold the dog’s collar, the other should reveal him and let him sniff his treat. Then close your hand over the treat and pull back from your pet dog while your buddy holds his collar. If your pet dog currently understands how to sit and stay (and he ought to do!) then use this command while you back away from him to about 10 feet distance. Now stop and call your dog’s name followed by the word “come”. You must be consistent, always use the exact same word in the same tone of voice. Later, if you desire good friends or household to use your dog’s commands, you need to teach them how to say them and use them correctly. Incongruity will puzzle your canine and undermine your training techniques.

Reinforcement – As soon as you have called your dog’s name and the word “come”, your buddy ought to release the collar and your dog will certainly probably go back to you. Give him his treat and applaud him enthusiastically. Repeat the exercise many times, increasing the distance in between you and your pet dog as well as heading out of his line of sight. He will certainly quickly understand the training and command “come” with a good treat and appreciation.

Training Outside – The next part of the training is to take your dog outside to a peaceful location. Your companion should hold your pet dog on it’s leash and run over to you with the pet dog when you offer the “come” command. Once it is clear that the pet dog is responding well to the command and reacting to the favorable reinforcement of the treat, you can try the command with the dog off the leash in a safe environment.

Positive Reinforcement – Keep in mind to always utilize positive reinforcement for this exercise – don’t call your dog to you to tell him off or to do something he dislikes, like putting his leash back on. If you wish to get him back on the leash, you can deceive him by calling him to you, playing a plot where he remains near you, then putting his leash on, so he does not connect the command with something negative. Some pet dogs do not see the leash as unfavorable and therefore you can just call him as typical and provide him a treat or praise him.

Repetition – Similar to all training exercises, the key to success is repeating, perseverance, consistency and favorable association. Your canine will be a happier, healthier, much safer canine for accomplishing this simple task in a variety of environments with varying degrees of distraction until it is an automatic response.

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