Agility Training for Dogs

Dog Agility Training
Dog Agility Training

Advanced training for your dog should include agility training. The Dog Agility Training standards insure that a dog has reached a very highly trained level.

This sport for dogs and their handlers began in 1978 in the UK. Since it began, the interest and participation has grown tremendously. All types, sizes (and even toy sizes) are competing worldwide.

Agility Training

After basic training, a dog can be taught to run through the obstacle course in agility. As a dog owner, you will either train your own or employ the aid of professionals.

Dog Agility Course

Here’s some great news! Dogs love agility training. Now, lets look at one of the moves your dog must learn and perform upon command. It is fun to watch a dog do the pole weave, but how do you accomplish proficiency in this part of agility training.

Video: How to Train Agility Cues with Limited Time & Equipment – Martinis Ranch

A dog must pass first left, then (2nd) right, then (3rd) left again and so forth. Does any natural canine behavior predispose your dog to perform this move? No, it must be taught through small steps with rewards, patience (and a dog’s tendency to want to feel good) will play off. Dogs who can master this and other agility training are fun to watch. When done correctly agility training is achievable!

You can purchase the equipment and instructional teaching in the Agility Starter Kit below.

Kyjen DG40100 Dog Agility Starter Kit with Dog Tunnel Weave Pole High Jump Obstacles, Large, Red

Kyjen DG40100 Dog Agility Starter Kit.

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  • High Jump
  • Pause Box
  • Weave Poles
  • Stop Watch & Award Ribbons and Game Rules
  • Instructions Manual &Training Tips Booklet
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Speed and Agility Training for Large Dogs

Some people think it should to be restricted to medium and small size dogs because of the difficulty in weaving in and out of poles that and other agility movements they have to master as well as the speed at which they need to run the course. However, this is not the case anymore. Dogs of all sizes compete. Chihuahuas are fantastic at this sport but large dogs such as Border Collies, and Golden Retrievers can also master the dog agility jumps, the dog agility course, and weaving in and out of poles and be able to perform with speed and agility. There’s no reason why large dogs cannot compete in this sport, watch the Purina Large Dog Incredible Dog Challenge below:

Video: Large Dog Agility – Incredible Dog Challenge – by Purina

Now with a better understanding of agility training, do you believe it is too difficult for you and your dog? Do you believe your dog has it in him to learn and master the set of activities required to agility training? You’ll never ever know until you give it a try. It’s really all about teaching your dog one small movement or jump at a time and then string them small steps together to master the routine. Start your dog from “where he is” and training him from that point on one step at a time. You can start out by trying Online Dog Training – Please Tap Here!

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