Most Popular Dog Breeds

Labs rule!! The American Kennel Club (AKC) confirms that the Labrador Retriever is once again in the number one spot! This breed has held the longest run in first place – 23 years and counting!

Additionally, larger breeds popularity is on the increase in spite of cost or ownership. The French bulldog is a rising star and for good reason. This breed is sweet, loving and does well both city or the suburbs. It is easy to groom as well!

10. Dachshund


The Dachshund originated in Germany. The name “Dachshund” means badger-dog (or hound). This spritely breed is a great family pet who can also double as a hunter with its keen nose. The Dachshund comes in two sizes; miniature and standard. Coat types include smooth, long haired and wire haired. More…

9. The Rottweiler


These working dogs are willing and smart. They thrive on love and the challenge of police work protection, service or therapy. The Rottie also makes a great family pet. These dogs are self assured and watchful They come in black with rust to mahogany markings. More…

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 8. The Poodle


Poodles are beautiful, smart and they don’t shed! Very obedient animals, Poodle come in three sizes and in lots of colors including white, apricot, gray, and black. More…

7. Boxer


The Boxer is a mid size wonder. A strong, smart dog who fiercely loves its owner. This breed is a good guide dog and was used as a courier during wartime! The Boxer comes in fawn and brindle colors. More…

6. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Dog
Yorkshire Terrier

This “toy” dogs are small in size but big on character! They have beautiful long silky coats and strong, inquisitive, and fearless personalities. Yorkies can go anywhere and are loyal lifelong friends. More…

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5. Bulldog


This family pets are medium size and real love bugs! The bulldog has a good natured and even dignified personality. They would jump in your lap in a minute. The Bulldogs color range is brindle, white, fawn red or fallow and pie bald. More…

4. Beagle


Though bred as a hunting dog, the beagle is a pleasant natured family pet. Popular because its smaller size and the “Snoopy” connection, the Beagle comes in two sizes and falls into the typical “hound” color combination! More…

3.  The Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

The #3 breed is smart and “chill” at the same time. Goldies can work and play making them great family pets and hunting dogs as well. The Golden Retriever can be useful as a guide dog, therapy dog or an assistive dog, as well as in search and rescue capacity.  They come in a variety of gold, from blond to dark gold. More…

2.  German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd
German Shepherd

The GSD comes in at number 2! Although for years this breed has led the way in military, protection and police use,. The German Shepherd is also a wonderful family friend and a working breed for farms, GSD are also great competitors for standard shows and agility. This breed is strong, brave and tenacious. Color variety is also a plus. More…

1.  Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers
Labrador Retrievers Come in 3 Colors

This is a family dog. who is great with kids due to its gentleness and intelligence. Labs come in three colors and their coats are relatively easy to maintain.

The Lab, originated from Canada, makes an amazing pet, guide or therapy dog, search and rescue or law enforcement team member.  More…

A Historical Prospective: 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2012

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