Border Collie Facts

Border Collie
Border Collie

Border Collies are probably the most intelligent canines on the  planet! If you have a pup or are considering buying a pup, study the breed first! Ranked number one in Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs and typically extremely energetic, acrobatic, smart and athletic, they frequently compete with great success in dog sports, in addition to their success in sheepdog trials and are often cited as the most intelligent of all dogs.

In general, Border Collies are medium-sized dogs with a moderate amount of coat. Their double coats vary from smooth to rough. Though black and white is most common color pattern of the Border Collie, the breed appears in a many colors and patterns.

Country of origin United Kingdom
Weight Male 14–20 kg (30–45 lb)
Female 12–19 kg (27–42 lb)
Height Male 48–56 cm (19–22 in)
Female 46–53 cm (18–21 in)
Coat Smooth or Rough Double Coat
Life span 13-17 years

Border Collie Characteristics

Border Collie Puppy
Border Collie Puppy

These dogs have certain characteristics that every owner or future owner should realize! The Border Collie often frustrates its owner so much that a very good percentage of beautiful intelligent Border Collies end up in the rescues or shelters! This doesn’t have to be the case.

Border Collies are working, herding dogs and can be wonderful family dogs as well. They learn quickly and when done correctly they are very trainable.

Needless to say the first and foremost issue an owner must address is hyperactivity, a combination of boredom and a lack of exercise. Border Collies need to move a lot! These dogs require walks, runs, play and outdoor fun. This can be time consuming. Their energy and intelligence must be fulfilled and directed. They need structure and routine as well.

Training Border Collies

Plan on play and “work” situations to solve problems. Begin with proper obedience training, emphasizing regular skill sets early on in puppyhood! Get a crate and acclimate your Border Collie to his crate so you won’t come home to a total disaster after leaving your dog in the house!

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This bright animal will be a quick learner, so you can train basic commands relatively easily, and then move on to complex training and even tricks before one year of age. Of course, this is a rough estimate, and every dog is different!

Agility, and running, jumping, catching, etc. are great for these active smart dogs. Invest in time, treats, toys and equipment and you’ll have a fun family pet!

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How to Train a Border Collie: 11 Tips

  1. Remember to watch for attention problems. You can slowly increase increments in training sessions rather than trying to teach long sessions all at once. Break up your training to keep your dog interested!
  2. Be consistent – Train everyday with exercise in between sessions.
  3. Be encouraging and praise your dog! Praise is necessary with smart dogs like Border Collies. Positive praise works wonders.
  4. Research reputable information. Try the SPCA approved world leading Online Dog Training.
  5. Socialize your pet!
  6. Crate and potty train early on.
  7. Exercise, exercise, exercise!
  8. Use verbal commands that are short and not confusing.
  9. Do it yourself (don’t switch trainers or methods).
  10. Add more difficult commands as soon as your dog gets passed basic obedience training.
  11. Plan on the following: walks or runs, problem solving, and patient gentle teaching (at times herding kids and other dogs).

Video: Watch Nana the Border Collie  performs amazing tricks

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