How to Stop your Dog from Biting

How to Stop a Dog from Biting
How to Stop a Dog from Biting

Why should I stop him? Would like to know how to  stop your dog from biting?  or someone else’s dog for that matter? The problem of biting is challenging and sometimes frightening for dog owners.  The first time it may be a nip, result of some bad habits, (the dog’s habits, not yours!). But this can rapidly change to aggressive biting. Puppies naturally explore with their mouths. They bite, nip, and generally act like babies. As your pup grows older, the habit of mouthing human skin can become a real issue. Dogs instinctually want to secure what they view as their domain. It is while they are young, that you must break mouthing habits. It is best for your your family, neighbors and anyone with whom your dog has contact.

Take a step back for a moment and consider things from your dogs perspective. If you do not teach him proper habits and behavior, how can your dog be  be blamed for doing what comes to him naturally as a survival instinct. It is very important to teach your dog from a very young age that biting of any type is not an acceptable behavior. This is your duty as the owner of your pet to ensure the security of not only your children and relatives, but also other individuals who may be confronted by your dog.

How to Keep Puppy from Biting

Yes, puppies are adorable, however they likewise have razor-sharp teeth! Teaching your puppy not to bite is virtually a no-brainer as their fellow puppies are instructing them already that there are repercussions to biting! Now, I do not suggest that you bite your puppy back, but one way to suppress their natural impulse to chew and bite is to “yelp” like another young puppy when they bite, to let them know that they have actually hurt you. You might think, why is it such a huge deal, puppies can’t actually hurt you and they’re only playing? Wrong! When your young puppy bites, what he’s really doing is attempting to assert himself and raise his status as a puppy pack-leader! I understand I said you don’t have to bite your puppy back, but you may to  mildly nip your puppy on the back of his  neck while “yelping”, imitating what the puppy’s mom and fellow pups would have done.

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Another way to address your puppy’s biting habits is to try replacing a toy in place of your hand when he attempts to bite you. He needs to discover, “bite toy” is OK, “bite hand” is not okay. This bad habit won’t disappear bu itself if you try to ignore it. If nothing seems to work for you, get the assistance of a dog expert.

How to Stop Dogs from Biting – After One Year of Age

Ten pounds of a biting puppy is nothing compared to a hundred pounds of a teenage dog that bites! If you are experiencing real biting issues with your puppy, then for goodness sake do not play supremacy games such as tug-o-war with him.  If biting is ignored and unchecked you may find yourself in a very bad situation.

If children are playing outside and your dog encounters them, there are likely to be a few scenarios:

  • Likely Outcome Number 1: Your dog sees children playing as a risk to his area.
  • Likely Outcome Number 2: Your pet dog attempts to assert his dominance on children
  • Likely Result Number 3:  A bite and a big problem – You have to pull your dog off the kids, who are by now, distressed, crying and most likely “bitten”!

Stop Puppy Biting

As terrible as this scenario may seem, there are steps you can take to ensure it does not take place you must do the following:

  1. Stop the dominance games
  2. Stop your dog to have the run of the house
  3. Stop your dog from jumping on the furniture
  4. Instruct him exactly what to expect from you when he behaves.

By giving your dog boundaries, you will be doing him and yourself a huge favor. Let’s face it, dogs and kids have a lot in common. They both grow in a family and a caring environment. They feel safe and protected knowing that you are in charge; they learn to respect and respond to your commands, knowing that these are all necessary to keep things in balance.

If, in spite of your best efforts, you still find yourself with a one year  old dog that bites, then do not waste any time getting them to a good dog obedience program. You both need assistance to take care of the bad dog behavior.

How to Stop Dogs from Biting When They Grow Older

It’s a sad fact of life that as we age, often we become less tolerant of … well, everything and anything! It’s no different with dogs.

If your dog is getting on in years and has been allowed to get away with biting, think about what it may do if he totally loses it! This may result in your dog turning on you, the owner, simply due to the fact that your dog has always regarded himself as the Alpha, the pack-leader, and now you’re frustrating him!

As quickly as your puppy reaches one year of age, you seriously have to examine the pack status in your home. Are you the leader or is it your dog? If your dog considers himself the leader, it’s only a matter of time before he begins to assert his dominance on the remainder of the household, potentially leading to a full-blown attack. Prevent this from ever occurring by beginning early with training. If you have issues along the way, then by all means, look for assistance from experts. There are lots of resources that are readily available.

There are other ways to stop a dog from biting besides the ones mentioned here. For additional information on Dog Behavior Problems – Please Tap Here!


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