How to Stop a Dog From Barking

How to Stop a Dog From Barking
How to Stop a Dog from Barking

In order to stop a dog from barking, we need to look at two fundamental reasons why a dog barks; territorial aggression and apprehensive aggression.

Territorial Aggression in Dogs

1. By following the advice for avoiding dominant behavior you will reduce the likelihood of your dog developing a sense of self right to take the initiative in defending the family/pack and its territory

2. Do not encourage your dog to stop him from barking, but do not reward barking as it can get out of control – reward, quiet, calm behavior.

3. Do not shout at your dog to stop him to bark because he will just think you are barking as well and bark with you.

Video: How to Stop Dog from Barking – by Ways and How

4. Do encourage your dog to perform another task once he has let you know someone is there i.e. sit in his bed or go to another room and reward him when he does it, because once the dog associates another action with arrival of visitors he is less likely to become determined to guard the threshold.

5. Sometimes it is best to put your dog in another room before strangers enter the house. Seat your guests, then bring him to them. Following this rule removes the chance of your dog misinterpreting the situation.

6. Have visitors give your dog a little treat to encourage your pet to associate visitors with reward.

7. Remember some groups of people, such as postmen, are more vulnerable than others. the confusion to the animal lies in the fact that, when he barks, it appears that they leave (and he has successfully chased them off – a territorial thing). The risk of injury to the postmen etc, can be very real should they happen to meet.

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Fear Aggression in Dogs

If a dog anticipates an unpleasant experience or feels threatened, e.g. if a child keeps pulling its ears, the dog may start to growl or snap defensively. This can escalate to the point where the dog will growl in anticipation when the child walks into the room.

There are many different ways to stop a dog from barking besides understanding the two fundamental reasons mentioned here. For additional information on this and other Dog Behavior Problems –  Please Tap Here!

Watch this video: How to Quickly Stop Barking by Veterinary Secrets

Video: How to Quickly Stop Dog Barking – by Veterinary Secrets

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