Why is My Dog Whining?

How to Stop Puppy from Whining
How to Stop Puppy from Whining

Do you get frustrated and ask how to stop a dog from whining? A lot of times our young puppy whines for  a good reason. My puppy whines and barks if her treat or  toy gets stuck in a location where she cannot access it – I’m out of my chair to help her get her toy out.  I Love My Puppy!

Before you correct your puppy for grumbling, groaning and barking, find out why! Young puppies will certainly whine and cry when separated from their owners and left alone, particularly for the very first time. Its important to understand that at times your puppy has a good reason to cry.

Day-to-Day Whining

When you put your puppy in a crate to train for a short time, if she begins crying or grumbling when you leave, do not hurry back to let her out or assure her. If you do, the young puppy will certainly  find out that she can regulate you with her whining.

A lot of times what begins out as a need grumbling quickly ends up being a subconscious whining practice …

Puppy Whining and Crying Don’ts

  • Do not offer in and reward your young puppy for grumbling.
  • Do not think twice to properly reprimand unneeded whining.
  • Do not let your young puppy feel deserted.
  • Do not let your young puppy soil her crate.

If your puppy is crying at home, for attention or just out of habit, you need to set a routine everyday to exercise with your puppy. Each time you react in to your puppy’s crying, you are training her to continue whining. If she disregards you and continues whining, right away yell a really loud, STOP WHINING!

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Avoid Separation Anxiety

Be pro-active in training your young puppy to accept seclusion and personal privacy. Accustom your young puppy to being left by herself, even if you are home. This will certainly avoid separation anxiety and all the troubles that accompany it.

There are many ways to stop a puppy from crying besides the those mentioned here. For additional information on this and other Dog Behavior Problems Please Tap Here!

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