Dog Peeing in House

How to stop dog from peeing in the house
How to Stop Dog from Peeing in the House

So you are a pet owner with a problem, and its getting worse. Without a change you stand to have a problem for a long time. You would like to find out how to stop a dog from peeing in the house. Before we go on, you need to know that this is quite a common problem faced by dog owners, especially puppy owners.

First you need to determine the answer to “dog peeing in house” before you can house train a dog.

Potty Training a Puppy: 10 Tips

  • The Gender, Age, & Neuter Question

Puppies pee everywhere because they need to be taught where to pee…. and when. Yes, you can teach your pup to hold it. What we are addressing is the marking problem. Dogs, especially male mark with a small amount of urine.

  • Dog Marking in House

Male dogs and sometimes female dogs mark because of natural instinct. Urine is the way dogs leave a message. They mark what belongs to them.

  • Neuter or Spay

Dogs that are fixed do not mark very often especially if they are fixed before they get to an age of sexual maturity. Often marking is related to social order, territory and mating availability. Dominance is a natural instinct. All dogs mark outside, but when it is inside you may be facing a problem of stress, insecurity or even a health problem.

  • You Can Find Out

Did you move? is there a new baby or new pet at home? These stressors bring on a marking problem. Again these are territorial.  Anxiety is a pecking order issue. When a dog is unsure of his place in the family or pack.

Guess what, certain breeds mark more often than others. These breeds are small and toy breeds. Maybe because they are inside more often, or maybe they are more attached or possessive.

  • What To Do if You Have a Marking Problem

Neutering may solve the problem, but if you haven’t neutered yet if may not change your marking dog.

  •  Close Supervision

Close supervision will have to be your first strategy. You have to catch him in the act. Try barricading him, that is, limiting his access to the whole house.

Next make your self a noise maker. Place some coins in an empty can and tape the opening closed. Now wait… The dog lifts his leg and you shake the can – he startles!! He doesn’t like it. Remember to shake then say “No Pee” or “No Mark.” He will get the message but … Remember when he marks or pees outside always praise him.

  • Anxiety Markings: Dog Anxiety Symptoms

While you are gone dogs may mark because of anxiety. Crate training prevents accidents and helps with anxiety in that dogs like the feel of his own space. Put an article of yours in with him. this will also lessen anxiety.

  • How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell

Getting rid of the scent. Enzymes based cleaners and even home grown recipes stop the scent thus reduce repeat marking. Ammonia based is a No No! Enzymes based cleaners remove the scent!


  •  Final Note: Dog Peeing in the House

You should never punish by rubbing his nose in it. This is counter productive, as is shouting or hitting. In fact dogs respond more to positive reinforcement of good behavior. You need to set him up for success and reward him.

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