Stop Dog From Jumping

How to Stop Puppy from Jumping
How to Stop Puppy from Jumping

We all enjoy having fun with puppies.  When puppies start jumping, people get upset or afraid of them. This behavior is not safe. Therefore you need to know how to stop dog from jumping on you.  This behavior needs to stop while the puppy  is still young.

Puppies are easy to train, and quickly teach them to stop jumping. If the puppy’s bad behavior is not addressed while it is still young, can become a huge problem when they grow older. The only way to stop a puppy jumping is daily training.

Stop Dog From Jumping

Repetition is extremely important when training puppies.  Puppies learn by repeating an action and the same corresponding  response to their action every time. With a consistent and firm routine you you can train the puppy from jumping up on you or your visitors. However, if you are not consistent, your puppy will end up being confused and not understand what to do, which is not acceptable.

Understanding your Puppy

You need to understand what your puppy is thinking while you are training them. By understanding your puppy you will be able to adjust your training to suit his behavior. What is your puppy’s thinking when he jumps on you? Most likely he is  excited to see you. Keep this in mind as you train him. He is trying to show you his love.

Seeking Attention

Another reason why your puppy might be jumping is to get attention. If too much attention is given to him, his jumping action is being reinforced and it will lead to cementing a bad behavior. The best way to address this is to ignore him after turning away when he jumps. Don’t pay attention to your puppy until he stops jumping up on you. It may be a tough going but in the end it will pay off.

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Loving your Puppy

Keep in mind you are training your puppy who still needs a lot of love and attention. Reward him with treats and affection when you puppy comes to you without jumping. Show love and affection, it is for both you and your puppy.

There are many ways to stop dog from jumping besides the ones mentioned here.

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