Growling Dog

How to Stop a Dog from Growling
How to Stop a Dog from Growling

An usual scenario in which your dog starts to growl at a kid when the kid attempts to take something from him, especially food. Question is how to stop a dog from growling? Some pets will certainly growl if a kid also comes close to his food dish. Perhaps you are saying “Why does my dog growl at me?” The objective is to teach the dog not to growl under these circumstances.

Why Does My Dog Growl at Me?

Take your pet dog to the veterinarian to ensure he is not hurting. Seek his advice and find if there are any issues with pup that would make him bark.  If not addressed the situation could worsen.

Find out from your kids if the dog was growling and the circumstance when it happened. For instance if the kid was trying to take something from the puppy, he will growl.

The puppy may be trying to be the alpha or leader of the pack. You need to train the puppy to know that he is a the bottom of the family pack.

If the puppy growls at kids, he is letting you know he is uncomfortable and nervous with the kid around.  If you penalize his growling at the kids, next time the puppy may bite instead of growling.

Aggressive Dog Training

Would you rather have a puppy who growls when he is uneasy or one that bites? You need to get professional advise on how to stop dog aggression so he doesn’t become aggressive and start biting. Your dog needs to learn to relax and know that he is safe and loved.

There are many different ways on how to stop a dog from growling. For more information please tap here!


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