How to Stop Dogs From Chewing

How to Stop a Dog from Chewing
How to Stop a Dog from Chewing

It’s not so much THAT they chew, it’s simply WHAT they chew, right? Have you come home to find your home entirely mauled and chewed by your puppy? How to stop dogs from chewing? Take the  initiative and find out ways to address the Dog Behavior Problems . I highly recommend you to do it!

How to Stop a Puppy From Chewing: 3 Tips

  1. The very first pointer, is to make it REALLY clear that your things are not his to chew! Let your puppy understand that EVERYTHING is yours, and you are kindly sharing some of your things with him ( his toys). If your puppy doesn’t know what belongs to you and what belongings to him, then he will have no clue what to chew … and what is not allowed to chew!
  2. If you find your puppy chewing something of yours, this is what you do. Initially, scold your puppy promptly by making a loud sound, and pointing in his face. Then remove your item, and replace it with a chew toy. When your puppy bites down on the chew toy, immediately applaud him, so that he understands that chewing his toy is the best thing to do. Your pup will certainly always relate that chew toy with being praised!
  3. Keep a little basket in the corner of your room with pet toys. Your puppy and you both understand that this is where his toys are kept, and if it’s not in the basket, it’s not his. Applaud him each time he gets a toy from the basket so he understands he is doing something right.

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There are many different ways to stop a puppy from chewing besides the ones mentioned here.

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