Dog Behavior Problems

Good Dog Behavior
Good Dog Behavior

You can develop a bridge between your dog’s response to a command and the reward for obedience. A good bridge word for training can be “yes” or “excellent”. This will strengthen the habitual and appropriate response. The reward follows quickly after the response. If you keep using your bridge word, you will establish consistency with your dog.

Bad Dog Behavior

When a dog obeys your simple command, he must be rewarded. When your dog does what he is told, you strengthen his habitual correct  response by a consistent reward system. Obedience becomes a routine. As Alpha you must acknowledge bad habits and rewards are for obedience only! However, the Alpha must have calm and orderly manners. This attitude must be achieved before bad habits can be addressed.

Leash Training Your Dog
Leash Training Your Dog

Using basic leash training you can regulate your dog’s habits. After leash training is established, the dog owner can attempt off leash training. This requires patience. Don’t forget that some dogs and all puppies are easily distracted by noises, smells, people and animals.

How To Train Your Puppy

Take a minute to understand how your pet looks at things. Understanding a dog’s perspective helps you and makes training a more successful process. Training must be tailored to your dog’s character.

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Tzo find out about dog training takes research and then application of knowledge on a regular basis!

This can be frustrating at times. There are online courses available by experts authorized by SPCA and the AKC! Nearly every breed and problem can be addressed and consistently solved.

Dog Behavior Training

A common mistake made by dog owners is enabling bad habits by not correcting them right away! Excessive barking for example will become a very annoying problem if it is not corrected right away. You will find information on the following dog behavioral issues:

How to Fix Bad Behaviors in Dogs


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