How to Train Dogs & Puppies

training dog basic commands
Training Dogs Basic Commands

Welcome dog owners and future dog owners to TrainingDogs.TV! We’re glad you chose to join dog owners from all over the world seeking expert advice on training dogs. Time to solve all your dog training problems. For all who are preparing for dog ownership, whether it be adoption, rescue, or new puppy purchase, we welcome you too.

How to Train Your Puppies

How to Train our Puppy
How to Train Your Puppy

Even though dog training techniques may differ, the basis of all good training is establishment of your dog’s place in your life and your family’s dynamic. This is the secret to solving most behavioral problems even before they start. Understanding your dog’s breed, temperament, age and background helps you better apply training methods effectively. Almost every flaw or problem can be overcome with right advice, hard work and practice!

You will learn to be your dog’s leader. Dog’s are happier and more secure when they follow your lead.

Obedience Training for Dogs

A dog must learn to listen and obey and thus become a Canine Good Citizen, but first your dog must connect with you! With distractions minimized, you can begin to train.

Dog Behavior: Resolving Dog Problems

Good Dog Behavior

Good Dog Behavior

You can develop a bridge between your dog’s response to a command and the reward for obedience. A good bridge word for training can be “yes” or “excellent”. This will strengthen the habitual and appropriate response. More …

 Dog Breeds| How to Train Your Dog Breed

Dog Breeds
Dog Breeds: Choosing the Right Breed

When selecting a dog breed, it does not matter “what you know”. Thankfully, you can narrow down the selections and discover the ideal dog breed by following a couple of basic steps. Learn how to train specific dog breeds. More…

 Obedience Training – Basic Commands

Dog Obedience Training - Basic Commands
Dog Obedience Training – Basic Commands

In basic obedience training for dogs, the first thing that you train your dog is to respect you and your household. When you are working on commands with your dog, work just on one command at a time, and just state the command one time. Your objective is for your pet dog to comply with the command right away. More...

Training Dogs | 5 Ways to Train a  Dog

Training Your Dog with a Leash
Training Your Dog with a Leash

If you have a dog or are thinking about getting one, you need to know how to train a dog and various techniques used in training dogs that include crate training, shock collar training, clicker training, leash training, and other dog training techniques. All dog owners are faced with the task of training. Various dog training methods and tips are discusses here. More…

Dog Training Products & Supplies 

Dog Training Supplies
Dog Training Supplies

We carry all the dog supplies and equipment you will need to train your dog, provide proper nutrition, dog meds and vitamins, solutions for dog allergies, dog houses, dog training collars, shock collars, leashes, beds, grooming, electric dog fence, wireless dog fence, and all things to make your and your dog’s life pleasurable. More…

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